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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

CTS Off Road is totally committed to customer satisfaction and we want your buying experience to be perfect from start to finish. We understand that (you) the customer are our most valuable asset. We want to get back to small town rules, where you just treat people right and do what you say you’re going to do. We strive to deliver more than is expected, to go above and beyond, throughout the entire purchasing process. To us this is not just another vacant statement.

This is what we mean by Customer Satisfaction

  • Shipping: It is our commitment to you to provide a tracking number within 48hrs from when you order your product “excluding weekends and holidays” on every order.
  • Sales Staff: Our sales staff isn’t here to just place an order. They are trained on the products and are willing to take the time to help you with installation questions, diagnosis problems, or anything else you need assistance with.
  • Short Hold Times: We are extremely busy so we can’t guarantee you will never have to hold, but we don’t want it to be excessive. We are committed to taking care of you. If you feel you have been on hold for too long we want to know. We will add more staff as required to take care of this issue.
  • Returned Calls: Having to worry about leaving a message or someone telling you they will call you back and not is just bad customer service. “Small Town Rules” We do what we say. If someone says they will call you back in 20 minutes you will get a call back in 20 minutes even if we don’t have the answer yet.
  • Product Returns: We wish everything always went perfect, but it never does. We have dedicated staff that will assist you when something doesn’t go right and needs to be returned. If it is something we did wrong, shipping is on us.

How we back this up

If you have a problem of any kind we want to take care of you our customer. We want every customer to have the best buying experience possible so that you will return to the company that truly takes care of its customers and do more business in the future.

Chris Claycomb the owner of CTS Off Road wants to hear from you directly if you have a problem or complaint about any part of your shopping experience. He is very busy and not able to accept phone calls but is committed to answering any email that is sent. Simply email the owner or fill out the form below to let him know.